Roulette: Play step by step and win

It’s amazing how popular roulette is still today, despite the fact that it’s already over 400 years old. Roulette has merged into the digital age so seamlessly that it has almost monopolized real money gaming live games online casinos.

How to play roulette?

As mentioned earlier in this article, roulette is probably one of the easiest, if not the easiest, games to play at a casino. Understanding the rules of the game is relatively simple and does not require strange learning. The roulette game is built on a wheel, a small ball and a board with betting options.

Roulette wheel

Three different parts of the game of https://ruleta77argentina.comroulette are especially important and are the wheel, the table, and the ball. A wheel is a rotating circular area made up of sections of the same size on which a white ball rotates during a game spin and eventually stops. Each part of the bike has numbers from 1 to 36 as well as colors. If you are playing the American version (explained later in this article), the section also has an area numbered 00.

There are either one or two green areas on the bike, but this depends on what version of roulette you are playing. The order of adjacent numbers also varies depending on the type of roulette. Whether you play American, European or French roulette, the colors black and red alternate on all roulette wheels. Two adjacent areas are never the same color.

Roulette ball

Your game depends on the ball. When the dealer or operator spins the wheel, the ball is released and it jumps around the wheel until it settles into one of the holes in the wheel. This will determine the winning number of the roulette round.

Roulette table

In stone foot casinos, the roulette table is often located on the right side of the wheel. The table is for placing a bet, and you can watch the wheel and ball from it as they rotate and settle into place. The roulette tables are quite similar, except for the extra gap in the American version, i.e. the green double zero. In the French version the tables have betting names and in the European version only the numbers and colors.

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